Bastard Noise & Merzbow

Last year two noise legends joined forces with the purpose to destroy as many eardrums as they can πŸ˜‰ I can`t mark myself as a big noise fan, but this release is something. Eric and Akita did something dreadful and magical… Two different people, two noisy minds, these guys really felt each other… and that`s why the result is so magnificent! All this magic was released on different formats (2LP, CD and cassette) by Relapse rec. It also has interesting cover art with different animals, but this is an integral part of this LP. This work is dedicated to animal support, it raises important topics, and I think we need to talk about it more. I bet even grind freaks will find something for themself in this album…

It will be logical to divide this album into 2 parts. I feel that the lead position here belongs to Eric. The first part sounds more like Bastard Noise. Tons of high frequencies, pulsating vibrations, and additional noises. The vocal part is outstanding here… their roars sound very spooky, like a fuking whisper from the open grave. Same about screams, a combination of ambient tunes, harsh noise, and vocals may really scare you. Merzbow has a leading role in the second part… this noise is more chaotic, a little bit wilder, and unstable. I feel like this stuff is trying to damage my mind, ha! This projection from the head of the legendary noise master is damn crazy! But the whole album has one dangerous feature, it has an unexpected hypnotic effect, so beware, you may not return from this journey, haha!

If you`re tired of blastbeats, tired of sweet tunes, and looking for something “different” and special, I can recommend you this collaboration. This shit will rip your brains off!

Contacts: Bastard NoiseΒ  /Β  Merzbow

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