Rot – Organic

Rot is a legendary band, I don`t know people who didn`t hear about these guys. “Organic” is their 6th album, which was released almost 2 years ago, this is also the last album with mighty Alex Buch (RIP). This record was released in Europe, Brazil and now in the US… I was lucky to get a copy from To Live A Lie rec. Great quality, a bit different cover, but the same concept and 25 songs of unstoppable grind! To be honest I really waited for this full-length. I listened to it all of 2021 and part of 2022. Guys really did their best and “Organic” was in the many tops of 2021 (and it was absolutely deserved). But let`s get back to our story, here is my primitive impression from listening to this album.

Rot chose a good song for the opening. “Sobre Esses Dias” starts with awesome instrumental parts and slowly transforms into something more aggressive. All other songs are just pure violence and hate. I want to highlight good studio work, mixing, and mastering… everything here sounds very tasty. Personally, I really love that bass jam in the “Smile Stupidly” track, that was really refreshing. I think it will be stupid to try to describe all tunes, all vibes and riffs of this work. Let`s say this album will bring you a ton of emotions. This is unbearably dense and loud shit! Legends are legends and they never disappoint! Rot simply kicked my ass, haha!

Strongly recommended by GGGG!

Contacts:  Rot bc  /  Rot fb

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