Knifed – S/T

Debut, debut, debut! Knifed is a young band from Auckland (New Zealand), during this year guys managed to record 10 songs. As the result, everything was released as 7″ by a local label Wrought Material. Don`t know who was responsible for the cover art, but the idea and image itself look fucking killer! Awesome mind-blowing art, love it! And this is pretty much all, at this point let’s switch to listening.

After close listening, I can differently say that the guys mixed in their music some good ingredients. This is not a straight powerviolence, there is a mix of pv and grindcore, but with a notable dose of good old punk and metal. The material is pleasantly aggressive and intensive. Riffs are fast as blastbeats are. Also, a good side of this record is its honest energy, which is very important. The vocals are good too (especially on that black metal song ;)). The songs are different from each other, there is no feeling of one endless track. This is just a debut work and I don`t want to judge this trio too hard, but there is one thing that they need to work with. It`s a general sound because everything sounds messy (but not super critical), and I wish the sound level was a little bit higher. Otherwise, this is a really good debut! Check it out!

Contacts: Knifed instagram  /  listen

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels.

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