Statist (12.12.22)

Good day Old, hope you`re doing well. Let`s open a cold one and start our talk!

Greetings and all! So far so good, thanks! Well, here we go)))

Okay, let`s help a bit for those who doesn1t familiar with Statist. Could you give us some info/bio about this band?

The band Statist was founded on March 8, 2018, as a powerviolence/ grindcore band. After several lineup changes the band has four records, three of which have been realized. A number of concerts have been played, including a festival in Germany and a mini-tour with the legendary Purulent Spermcanal. At the moment Statist’s activity is suspended because of the war, but the first debut album is being prepared for release.

So “Antitötalitar” is finally out. Your first full-length is ready… How do you feel about it? What feedback did you get so far? And do you happy with the final result?

The first full-length album was a bit death metally)))) But we are happy with the result! Everything is listened holistically and varied. There were not many reviews yet, because the release has not officially come out yet, but all the reviews are positive.

As far as I know Statist is suffering from line-up changes. What is the situation with band members right now? Did you manage to solve this problem?

Oh, yeah. Statist has gone through four lineup changes in four years, and it’s always made things a little more complicated for the group. At the moment our bass guitarist is at the front, the drummer vacancy is in question. However, the guitarist of the band Epicrise moved to Kiev (for sure someone still remembers them))), and he is accepted into the Statist line-up. We’re waiting for calmer times, I’m sure everything will be fine!

You recorded an album about war, during the actual war… that is damn crazy. What thoughts were swarming in your head when you realized that?

In fact, the material of the album was being prepared for a year and a half before the war itself, so in this case it is a coincidence. I just wanted to make lyrics in the general concept of anti-totalitarian protest. And where there are totalitarian regimes, there are wars involving them in any case. That’s how it turned out…no one planned to use the air-raid siren in the intro to hear it in real time….

As I saw the tapes are done by Lower Class Kids rec. They did an awesome job But what about other formats?

Yeah, the guys from the label listened to our material and immediately offered to release a cassette – that’s great! As for other formats – the CD album will be released on Surrogate Records (Ukraine) and a small label from the USA is interested in releasing the material on vinyl. Three formats would be perfect if everything works out)))

I know that you started volunteering on the first days of the war. Could you tell us more about it?

When the war began, I decided not to go anywhere and do something to help my country. Before the war I already had a little experience in social charity work, so I began volunteering on the fourth day of the war. I founded a charitable foundation. Territorial Defense, the army, refugees, poor people – food, clothes, personal hygiene supplies, etc. Worked hard and fruitfully, yes. All for victory!

This year is almost over, I know that you`re super busy all the time, but maybe you got a chance to listen to some new stuff. Could you name a few best releases of 2022?

Ufff..tough question! Actually I mostly listen to old music and a lot of new stuff passes me by, ahаh! Of the 2022 releases, I definitely heard the Ozzy Osbourne album (the one on yellow and blue vinyl) – the old guy’s a joy! There were some fairly good grind bands in the social networks, but unfortunately I can’t remember the names at the moment… In fact I haven’t really listened, read or watched any music since the war began. Except for the important news, I guess…

 Question I’ve been asking many times, but still, it’s actual. Why does humanity try to destroy its own kind and all around them?

Well, based on the history of human civilization, destroying everything around you is a basic human trait. Perhaps there is a certain gene for self-destruction in us? I don’t think anyone will give a definitive answer to this question…. But as long as humanity exists, wars and other such things will happen, regardless of the times

How do your neighbors react when you turn on grindcore at full volume?)

Ha ha! I’ve never been interested in the opinion of my neighbors when listening to music)))) Of course, if you listen at full volume at two in the morning, the doorbell might ring and you’d have to turn it down)))) But as it is, not overstepping the time of day law – I listened, listen and will listen to everything, as I like it!

Thank you so much my amigo! The last words are yours 😉

Bro, and you have a great respect for what you do for the Ukrainian grind scene! I want to wish everyone adequate thinking, peace of mind and good music! Sooner or later, but wars always end and we’ll see each other again! Thanks to all! Glory to Ukraine!

Contacts: Facebook page    Bandcamp page

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