First look on N.H.G / Grinder Flesh split LP!

N.H.G – Hailing from Mendoza, Argentina, this grind machine churns out some of the heaviest, grooviest, and fastest underground music on the continent. On par with any top tier grind from around the world, we are proud to make their first North American release possible.

Grinder Flesh – Blasting the depths of the Santiago, Chile underground since 1989. Grinder Flesh has kept true to the origins of grind since their inception, bringing you a raw, loose, frantic, politically motivated, punk style that will appeal to all the people out there that want to keep their grind, punk! An absolute honor for us to be able to finally bring light to these grind OGs, and let their music be heard across the world.

Vinyl will be released by mighty Wise Grinds Records!

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