Slavemaker / False

This small tape split is a total mystery to me. Because I didn`t know any of these bands (strange huh?). So we have here a double portion of powerviolence from French and Belgian bands. This is also pretty solid stuff, and I can`t wait to blast this tape!

Side A – Slavemaker. What a wonderful discovery I have here, this music knocked me down! A powerful bass line and a wonderful killer guitar sound. Strong drums work and pissed-off vocal fits and sounds perfectly here. This record is overloaded with anger… Pumping energy oozes from every crevice… holy shit! Although the Belgian side is very short, it is simply impressive! I played it again and again. The guys really did their best!

Side B – False. French amigos are playing powerviolence but with a nice drop of hardcore punk. Generally, this is damn nice stuff. Good charge of energy, good tempos, and sound. Not the worse guitar sound and bass (however I would like to hear a more crunchy bass tone). A few kinds of yelling vocals… all basic ingredients are in. Yes, False are not as aggressive as Belgians, but it is not necessary to compare them and these guys are worth your time!

GGGG strongly recommends this release. You simply need/must hear this small split!

Contacts: Slavemaker bc  /  False bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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