Putrefaction Sets In – Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm

When I first heard about this band, I was really surprised. Guys from Expurgo, Regurgitate and Lymphatic Phlegm joined together to record something monstrous! I waited and waited, but finally, the guys released everything at the beginning of this horrible year. Believe me, this album is awesomely disgusting and full of putrid tunes. Your neighbors will love these 14 songs, just play them loud, haha! “Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm” has also super sick lyrics (which you can find in the booklet) and unique cover art. Finally something without human remains and ripped bodies, hehe.

To be short, this album is a fucking ripper! Almost half of the hour you will enjoy various buzzing noises and blastbeats. This unbelievably strong debut, but I knew it would be like that, I never doubted these guys for a minute. To be honest, this material has more spirit of Regurgitate than of Expurgo or LP, but that is good. Since RGTE is deadly frozen, this band gives us what we need and deserve. Great and catchy riffs, a dreadful guitar tone, nice low bass, an old-fashioned drum sound, and a few different kinds of vocals. Apart from aggression and bulldozering power, this material has also o tons of groovy moments. This band managed to create a maximum variety in small frameworks of the genre.

“Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm” is fucking masterpiece, make sure to check it if you somehow missed it!

Contacts: Putrefaction Sets In bc  /  Putrefaction Sets In fb

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