Repulsione – Human Destruction Front

Double bass quartet Repulsione dropped a new album this summer. “Human Destruction Front” is almost 35 minutes of down-tuned bass & drums noise. But these tunes are hidden behind a wonderful cover, which was made by fantastic artist Silvia Blackened. This art looks very dark (like a look into the gloomy future), but on the other hand, this is also damn brutal work, which fits this music. So shall we spin this record loud?

I think this Italian squad is special because they don`t love to follow the old rules. Repulsione is using not a usual approach, they are using a guitar scale for a bass. The result sounds weird and unique. The whole album is overloaded with buzzing noise… some love it, and some no. As for me, I couldn’t listen to “Human Destruction Front” to its end. And here is why. I found these songs pretty long as for the grindcore genre (1.5 – 3 minutes). But the main problem is that all tracks lack variety. Don`t get me wrong that is my own point of view. However, this work has a nice sound and very wicked vocals.
I bet that many grindheads will find this album very powerful and good, but this is not my cup of noise.

Contacts: Repulsione bc  /  Repulsione  fb

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