Anarchus / Squash Bowels

I don`t know how to introduce this 7″ split… For me, this is a bloody great release with two, phenomenal legends in grind! These guys have a huge history and discography behind their backs, they even played a few times together… but the idea of a split release was brought to life only this year. So let`s blast this dangerous piece of wax and see what these grind grandpas prepared for us!

First are Mexican Anarchus. This always was a unique band with a dirty sound and a massive load of dreadful energy. And as expected guys kicked my ass, haha! Awesome punchy old-school grindcore with simple but badass riffs, low bass, nice drum section, I want to admit that the cymbal sound isn`t cluttered too much, and you can catch many things. But one of the main elements of this record is an evil and satanic vocal of Pancho. That makes an atmosphere of all material, bravo!

Squash Bowels are the next. Polish trio trying to smash us with a live recorded track. I was lucky to see Squash Bowels in action and must say that was an unbelievably heavy show. Despite the fact that it is a live recording, the quality of it is pretty nice (because usually, live records sound like a mess). You will easily feel a dense wall of noise and the whole energy of this gig (which is the strongest side of this material). The guitar and bass are mixed together, the vocal is powerful and loud, drums are a bit cluttered but that is a usual thing for such a format. Squash Bowels played everything professionally and gave it their all! Spin this vinyl and you will get a lot of joy!

Contacts: Anarchus fb  /  Squash Bowels fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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