Suppression (28.10.22)

Hi Jason. I hope you’re doing okay and your cup of coffee is hot! Let’s begin!

Jason – The coffee is hot!!

So it happened, huh? Suppression turned 30! My tight hugs and honest congrats amigo! How do you feel about it? Did you imagine, that something like that could happen? 

Jason – Honestly, no, I didn’t think that would be a possibility. I don’t even think I saw myself making it to this age. I think I knew that I would be making music/ noise as long as I’m alive but I doubt that I really thought that far ahead. But thank you so much!! We didn’t really announce it much or make a big deal of it. But, I am proud to still be doing this horrible racket with my friend Ryan. We’re still having fun and challenging ourselves.

You were always 2 piece band, with drums and bass. But did you even think about the third member? A guitar player maybe?

Jason – When we formed in 1992 we were me on bass and vocals with a drummer and guitar player. We eventually added another singer and then a noise guy. We were a 5-piece for a minute there in the mid 90s. We’ve been bass/vocals and drums only, with me and Ryan Parrish since 2000. We work very well together, almost telepathically. It would probably disrupt things to add another person at this point.

You have a lot of experience, and you`re good not only in the noise genre. Could you tell us about all your bands, I hear that you`re playing hardcore with some old legends, is that true?

Jason – I have been playing bass and backing vocals in Under Attack for the past few years with my old friends Dave Witte (Municipal Waste, Discordance Axis, etc.), Mark Telfian (Hail Mary, Limp Wrist), and Alex Copeland. I also play drums and vocals in the noisecore duo Oozing Meat with my friend Eric Tomillon. I play drums and vocals in the noise band Bermuda Triangles with 3 of my really good friends. I play bass in a no wave/ postpunk band called Recapitated with most of those same good friends. And I do solo electronics and harsh noise as Brown Piss. I sometimes do an electronic/ noise duo called Mutwawa and I’m in a gorenoise/ goregrind duo with Isaac (from Sulfuric Cautery) called Masticated Polyps.

You have not only a lot of projects you`re also an owner of a small label Chaotic Noise Productions. Could you tell us about it, please? 

Jason – I started the label in 1993 with the release of the Rectal Pus “Fuck Roanoke” demo (my early noisecore band) and then the Suppression demo. I eventually released compilation tapes and tapes from other artists. I mainly focus on my own bands now or splits with bands I’m friends with and my bands. I release mostly cassettes, but some vinyl and CDs. I don’t really take submissions because I don’t have much money and only release stuff by me and my friends. An Oozing Meat 7 inch is coming soon…

I bet that you already have a small plan for the next year, like a new show, some short trips, and new releases. We are thirsty for more info Jason 😉 

Jason – Suppression is talking about doing some west coast dates with World Peace in March 2023. There’s a Suppression & Bastard Noise “Infernal Legions” collaboration LP coming out early next year on Anthems of the Undesirable. And we’re almost finished writing our 2nd full-length LP, that we hope to record in December or January. Suppression has already finished material for splits with Fleshlicker and Crazy Doberman that should be coming out early in the year as well.

What’s the most valuable and important thing in the underground that keep you in all these years?

Jason – I guess the do it yourself ethic. We mostly record our own music, release our music, design our covers, print our shirts, etc. etc. Sometimes with the help of our friends. But we try to be in control of how we do things. We’re still learning…

I was lucky to be on your show at OEF. And I was shocked by the hate and aggression of your, you simply grinded the crowd, haha! Where do you get these emotions and energy? What’s your secret? 

Jason – haha I work with the public often because I’ve been a bartender for the past 20 years. I’ve definitely encountered some assholes out there over the years. So I’m sure a lot of my anger stems from dealings with privileged shitheads. And just the general shitshow that our country and the world is. Humanity is a fucking cesspool for the most part. Fascist motherfuckers. Right wing maniacs. Religious extremists. Murderous, old bastard, chinless, coward warmongers. Blind sheep followers giving their money to billionaires for absolute garbage. etc. etc. There’s plenty to hate. I think I try to channel these frustrations into our sounds and lyrics. Sometimes abstractly as to not be too obvious.

A question about splits. You have a lot of such releases, but where is a split with Agathocles?) And how do you choose a band for the split? I bet you have a lot of propositions.

Jason – haha, you know I don’t actually know Jan or Agathocles, but I have many of their records over the years. Those early 7 inches still get a lot of spins around my house. Agathocles and Seven Minutes of Nausea are 2 legendary bands we would love to split with. But, in general, we really only do splits with people we’re friends with or with folks we have played shows with and realized we’re kindred spirits with. I’ve done splits with people I didn’t know well in the past and sometimes they can turn out to be sketchy motherfuckers. I don’t want to be affiliated with any pricks, so we keep things close.

The noise genre is so wide and deep… you can even lost in it. So what is noise for you? What do you feel when you listen to it and make it? How do you come up with this or that tune/sound?

Jason – Hmmm it really varies from one track to the next. I tend to utilize bizarre synth loops, crunching contact mics on metal and springs, harsh samples or loops through distortion and bass filters. Sometimes I like to create rhythmic sounds and sometimes a mutating harsh wall. Noise, for me, sometimes stirs a lot of the same feelings that other extreme music does, such as Last Days of Humanity or gross death metal. But it also can be more intellectual I suppose. haha I never really thought about why I like it, to be honest. It’s another outlet for my negative emotions I suppose. It’s a fascinating genre filled with very creative, dedicated, and talented artists that never cease to amaze.

The underground grindcore scene in the USA is really strong. Do you have there something like the Obscene Extreme festival or something?

Jason – Well we just played L.A. Speedfest a couple of months ago that the Sulfuric Cautery folks are in charge of and it was an excellent experience. There’s also the Midwest Harshfest that we’ve played a couple of times. But as far as on the scale of OEF I can’t think of anything other than Maryland Deathfest which is more on the metal side of things, but we were fortunate enough to play one of those a few years ago.

You keep touring around the world and spreading grind-noise-infection for 30 years. I bet there are a lot of stories related, isn’t it time to release an autobiography?)

Jason- ha I doubt there would be that many people who would want to read that. Our crazier touring stories happened when we were in our twenties and thirties for sure. We still have fun and aren’t fully responsible people hahaha but it’s mostly driving, eating, record stores, beers and buds, and of course the shows when we travel. so nothing too titillating.

Well, I guess it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you so much for this interview, guys! And a couple of final words from you here, please \m/

Jason- Hey, thanks always for your continued support and friendship!! Stay strong and safe, my friend!! I look forward to seeing you in person again!!!

Contacts:  Facebook page  /  Chaotic Noise Productions bc

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