Gorupted / Gore

It`s gore time! Today I’m gonna review a new release of Surrogate rec. So this is a small tape release with the French brutal death/goregrind project Gorupted and Brazilian legends Gore. This is a pretty DIY release, with handmade doubling, cutting and everything else, and this cassette also has an OBI, which is not usual. I must admit this is a nice small touch. But let’s get straight to the noise!

Gorupted is a new name in our underground, this one-man band project started 2 years ago, and already has two splits. As I already mention this is a mix of brutal death (which is not my cup of tea) and euro (tupa-tupa style) goregrind. Also, you will find a lot of movie samples here as intros. So what good do we have here? The juicy guitar sound and solid-pitched vocal. Slow tempos, I bet they should be groovy, but something went wrong. From negative things, I will highlight the annoying drum machine sound (but it`s actually hard to make it sounds good). I won`t lie this is not my kind of grind, but I think many people will find this material interesting.

Brazilian trio surprised me this time. They downtoned their guitar so much that it simply transformed into a mess. That is weird, but from the other side that opened a way for drums and bass. I really like that metal clanging bass sound… the same with raw drums. Another unusual thing is a cluttered vocal because basically vocal is one of the main instruments in the pack. But again, these are damn loud and nasty tunes from one of the leading gore bands in Brazil.

Contacts: Gorupted bc  /  Gore fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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