Berated​ / ​Barren

When it comes to grindcore, you’ll find yourself discovering more and more new bands and new impressions. This split was released at the beginning of this year and must say it make a long way before it ended up in my hands. We have here a cool example of modern grindcore. Both bands are interesting and both have different styles (but both remain within the genre). Both have teamed up here for a CD, giving us a little more material than the usual 7″ duration.

With American trio Berated on the first part of the split, their output is what I expect from the grindcore genre. Fast, aggressive with a ton of blastbeats and with cool punchy energy. Yes, this is the more modern side of grindcore, it’s especially noticeable in the sound. Won`t say that this is a lot of variety in these songs, but together they sound (and create) like a solid piece of madness. Unlike classical bands, guys used some tricks from hardcore, like beatdown. And this band can boast of a cool frontwoman. The roars and screams of Caitlin are bloody loud, haha! The guys really did their best at this record!

The Barren side features a much more intensive and even more blastbeat-oriented approach to grindcore in comparison. These guys called themself “chainsaw grind” but their general sound reminds me of modern metal-hardcore bands. But anyway this sound fits perfectly for this material. All songs are full of hate and anger… The guitar/bass tones and riffs are sharp, the vocals pissed-off, and the drums crazy fast. This shit really rips, but I`m not surprised because the band consists of (ex) Agathocles, Aborted, Emeth, Suppository, Human Vivisection, and Everyone dies Alone members. This material is really great, I bet many grind fans will love it.

Contacts: Berated bc​  /  ​Barren bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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