Empyaema – Demo 1/2

Okay, boys and girls, this is my first acquaintance with Empyaema. This is a gore-oriented duo and it based in Seattle. Unfortunately, there is not much info about this band. In their discography, they already have two demos and split. Today I`m gonna listen to and review their debut material. Nasty cover arts are typical for goregrind bands, so it`s hard to surprise me with that, haha. But there is something unusual in the first two demos, both of them are stylistically different. Intriguing right?

Demo #1 – raw, disgusting, and noisy. The material is pretty primitive but has a lot of good groovy parts. This is a very European tupa-tu-tupa grind with vomit belching type of vocal. The production and sound are messy as hell, yes, there is a lot of this to do, but this record still brings a lot of joy.
Demo#2 – heavy, buzzing, and atmospheric. To be honest I was really surprised about how guys changed their style. Yes, I will agree that this material is very close to early Carcass records, but that`s not the point. Guys have raised their level, the sound is good, production too… The guitar has a pleasant chainsaw sound, drums are still raw, but that fits here incredibly well. But much more importantly, this second work has a nice rotten atmosphere.

Despite certain shortcomings, this is a good start, I bet this band will surprise us more!

Contacts: Empyaema bc  /  Empyaema fb

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