Venomous Concept / Under Attack

Must admit that this is a very all-star split release. Famous Venomous Concept (with members of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Corrupt Moral Altar) and Under Attack (with guys of Conniption, Discordance Axis, Suppression)… Maybe, this is just a small 7″, but man, it’s full of powerful hardcore and punk vibes!

It`s fucking insane, how could only a small group of people make so a huge mess? Venomous Concept blasts fast and scream very loud. Sweet production, good sound, and a ton of bone-crushing energy! With only 2 songs these gentlemen’s managed to smash you. Powerful guitar riffs and sound, low bass, good drum work, and angry yelling. Maybe it’s a basic kit but, these people making extreme music for decades, so they know a few good tricks. This sound of violence reminds me of the US school of hardcore (late 80th-mid 90th). Besides the hardcore base, this material has a strong metallic taste (this makes everything heavier).

Under Attack surprise me with its punchy and wicked energy! Holy shit, we have here top-notch stuff. Excellent hardcore with a good dose of punk, this music reminds me late 80th but not modern today, and that is awesome! Great crunchy sound of the guitar, the bass has a leading role here and that is the best! Drums have an old-fashioned sound (which is damn tasty), and a pissed-off vocal fits perfectly for such crazy music! Under Attack is a brilliant example of that how old school can kick ass even now! Don’t forget to play this 7″ loud and disturb your neighbors!

Contacts: Venomous Concept bc  / Under Attack  bc

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