Sacthu / Mongólico / Cannibal Ferox

Today we have an unusual 3-way split with two Spanish and 1 Colombian band. Why it`s unusual? Well, they decided to release it as 7″,  I bet that was a pain in the ass to come up with the right idea on how to divide time and sides. So guys just randomly mixed all songs, that is the most logical decision, and it also makes this split weird, hehe. Also, I think the guys didn`t want to make boring and usual grindcore art, like a collage or war theme. So they used a sharp social story and turned it into this interesting art. The monster is a system that is swallowing and killing its slaves (if I understand everything right). Good idea and execution. Now let`s blast this small release!

The first song belongs to Sacthu. Madrid citizens are playing a very punk influences kind of grindcore. But with nice blastbeats, riffs, and screams. Must say that this is honest and solid stuff, plus they have the best sound among this trio. Sacthu starts this split with a good porting of energy and closes it with a strong cover of Void, bravo!
Cannibal Ferox`s song is next. This is a very angry deathgrind with a wonderful cemetery atmosphere. Good deep growl, buzzing guitar and farting drums (my favorite type of bass drum sound, actually). That is shortly what you will get from this band. Yes, this music with not have the best production, but this noise brings a lot of joy.
Colombian trio Mongólico provided two songs for this record. Well, what can I say, it`s the most DIY band on this split and you will easily recognize their songs. These tracks are damn raw, I think everything was recorded in someone’s garage. But anyway I feel a lot of hate and ferocity in this messy stuff. Yes, this is not a brilliant recording, it`s pretty amateurish, well from the other side this music has live energy, which is important too.

This split will show 3 different angles in the grindcore genre. And I bet many of you will find something for yourself. Ah, don`t forget to play this 7″ as loud as possible!

Contacts: Sacthu bc / Mongólico bc / Cannibal Ferox bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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