Terror Firmer – The Ultimate Nuclear Core Explosion!

After 14 years of existence Italian grinders finally released their first album! I was tracking this band for many years and yes, the day has come “The Ultimate Nuclear Core Explosion” is out! In this work, guys touch on the topic of the nuclear apocalypse and all the related things. Pretty grindcore theme isn`t it?) Terror Firmer even dedicated a cover art for this theme… I would say that we got here a very classical grind product. Nothing extravagant or chaotically new, just old good classic. But I won’t say that this is a bad thing, in the case of this band it`s the best way to do it. Believe me, these Italian freaks know how to make good old-fashioned music!

To be honest, I wasn’t disappointed, the guys lived up to my expectations. This is really great work, guys truly did their best. The production and the sound of this record are not perfect, but that is how it should be. A bit raw but alive sound with super crazy furious energy! The riffs, tempos, and melodies are simple, it`s really easy to remember them. I love the sound of each instrument, I have no questions about it. Ah yes, this is not straight grindcore with endless blastbeats, guys used a lot from mincecore sub-genre. You will easily catch these moments… personally, I think that Terror Firmer did everything right. Dancing mince rhythms help to make this music more varied and tasty!

“The Ultimate Nuclear Core Explosion” is strongly recommended for all grinders all over this rotten world!

Contacts: Terror Firmer fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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