Ona Snop – S/T

Leeds maniacs Ona Snop strikes back! This summer was hot not only because of the temperature but also because of the concentration of great releases! To be honest I was really happy to hear that these guys released new stuff. Because they have been silent for almost 2 years! So what da hell do we have here? Aggressive, crazy and toxic visual side – checked, 7 new fast and stupidly furious songs – checked. Actually, Ona Snop didn`t change their style or concept since the “Intermittent Damnation” (if you listened to it, then you know what I mean), and I think it`s great. In my opinion, they have found the right formula for fast music, and they need to keep going this way.

I don`t know like you guys, but I really dig this wicked record. This music is extremely crazy and loud. The energy of this self-titled EP makes you bang your head, crush everything in your house and yell at your neighbors, haha! Great guitar work, awesome pissed-off vocals, and endless fun! Same with a nice bass sound and fast drums. The guys really did their best… you can easily catch the spirit of this record, pure emotions, and so on.

This 7″ is extremely recommended for a boring evening time, cheer up your mood, and play this shit loud as possible!

Contacts: Ona Snop bc  /  Ona Snop fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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