UxDxS – Too Fast For Love

And here we are again with another great Danish band. UxDxS represents all grind power of Copenhagen! But this band is still in the shadow, and I feel that I need to fix it. This band was formed almost 10 years ago, in their discography they have only two EP. “Too Fast For Love” is their first work, it was released in 2014, if I remember it right there was a small run of tapes, and that’s all. But last year New York label Haunted Hotel Records released it again, but this time on vinyl. Must say it`s very good to finally hold this nasty record in the hands, fucking finally!

This trio is playing a fantastic mix of grindcore and gore with a drop of hardcore. Believe me, the music of UxDxS is better than a cup of coffee in the morning. This shit will cheer you up in seconds! This soundwave will pick you up and smash you against the wall like a toy! The guys managed to record a fucking disgusting and monstrous material! Blastbeats, buzzing guitar and low crunchy bass. Plus a few different vocal approaches… This is a very diverse work that you want to listen to again and again! It`s even hard to describe what this music looks like, but I will try. Imagine a toxic mix of Rotten Sound, Regurgitate and Hemdale… interesting, isn’t it?  That`s why you need to check this small record asap!

Contacts: UxDxS bandcamp  /  UxDxS facebook

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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