Expression Of Pain – S/T

This self-titled album got at my top last year. A new band from Canada managed to get attention from all world with their debut album. You must agree, this is a very rare phenomenon for any band. But I solved this mystery. All these guys have experience in other bands (Haggatha, MassGrave, OSK, Obacha, Horrendous Miscreation), and that`s why this work has been a success! How do you like the cover of this album? I think the guys used an image from their own gig, and it looks excellent! Yes, it’s classically white and black, but anyway it looks cool.

So why do people love this record so much? It`s easy… from the first note, this grindcore mass is smashing you. This feeling could be compared to a car crash. This shit is strong, strong like your grandpa’s moonshine, haha! Great caveman riffs and primitive furious energy make this music mess brilliant! The sound production is really nice, everything sounds very alive, without unnecessary compression, you can catch even the bass line here. Blastbeats, harsh vocals, crunchy bass… all stuff is here. I have a feeling that Expression Of Pain was inspired by the 90th grind band, especially the US scene. And yes the guys really managed to create a solid sound bomb!
This is fucking great shit, and if you, somehow, missed it, you must listen to it immediately!

Contacts: ——- but you can listen to the whole album HERE!

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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