Subscum – S/T

Subscum debuted last year. This a new band, and I think you need to check it out. Today I will review their debut self-titled tape. Musically this is pretty raw grindcore with an old-school mice touch. I have the last tape version of this demo, it was released by Acid Redux Productions and this is a pro-done cassette, btw. The visual part of this release was made in old-fashioned way. Black and white collage, won`t say that I’m impressed by this art, but it looks nice.

For their debut appearance guys prepared 8 tracks of solid material. This is raw and aggressive stuff, I bet that fans of modern dissonant grind won’t get it, but anyway. The guys managed to create good riffs and play fast enough to make you start moshing! This is a DIY band, also their first work so I see no need to be picky about the production and sound. But I would love to make the level of the bass guitar louder. Guys used a few kinds of vocals, one is a growl, and the other is screams, which reminds me a bit of Archagathus style. I like this small tape, and I`m curious about new stuff from these guys!

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