Oxidised Razor / Pulmonary Fibrosis / Bowel Evacuation

Good day boys and girls, today is Friday and that means that we are going to listen and review another interesting release! For today’s party I picked up a nasty 3-way split with nice bands. So check it out!

Oxidised Razor – is a real legend from Mexico. Guys are making their bloody work for almost 25 years! They were always a pretty DIY band, of course, they recorded everything by themself, and the modern sound and production are not their way. I`m an old fan of this band, they always manage to serve good raw stuff. This recording is no exception. Primitive tunes, pumping speed, messy sound, sloppy drums and the ugly distorted vocal. Everything sounds like it should. Ah yes, in the end, guys regurgitated a tasty cover of Impetigo!

Pulmonary Fibrosis – French gore dinosaurs with dirty minds and pure hearts! This bulldozing goregrind is needs no introduction! Brand heavy and low sound… buzzing guitar sound and bloodthirsty blastbeats! Everything above is spiced with pitch-shifted vocals and crunchy bass. Yes, this is not a new formula, but the boys know how to use it. Every new record of them is fucking killer!

Bowel Evacuation is the youngest band here. These German sickos are playing groovy kind of goregrind. Can`t say that I`m a big fan of these guys… but this new material is ok. However, I wanted to hear a lower sound (but that is my opinion). The sound is not outstanding but pleasant, and the same with production. I like how the guys mixed a few kinds of vocals, that works well. The guitar is a bit dry, but it still sounds good in the pack. The last point in this story is a lovely cover of Czech monsters Ahumado-Granujo.

Contacts: Oxidised Razor fb / Pulmonary Fibrosis fb / Bowel Evacuation fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels!

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