Atrofia Cerebral / Sedem Minút Strachu

Classical noisecore vs brutal noisegrind? Sure, why not?! Today I want to share with you this small and limited release with two cool bands from different corners of our cursed planet. Beware! Atrofia Cerebral from Peru, these guys have a huge history… I think they are the oldest noise band from that region. The boys Sedem Minút Strachu are much younger, but I won’t say that they are softer. So let`s spin this bad boy!

As I already said Atrofia Cerebral are the veterans of the noise army, they started to play more than 30 years ago! Since then, nothing has changed significantly, the guys do not betray their style. We have here 15 short tracks of pure improvisation and pure aggression! Old fashioned DIY sound, endless drumming, the dirty and messy sound of string instruments, and pissed-off screams. All classical elements? Yes, and even though this noise has lack variety it sounds interesting and refreshing!

Slovakian “double bass n drums” quartet recorded 11 wicked songs for this release. As usual, guys serve the listeners with a super furious portion of fast stuff! Blasting, screaming, and buzzing madness right into your ears! Yes, this is improvisation too, but these people always do it with maximum hate and ferocity. That`s why Sedem Minút Strachu are popular in the noise world, and even played in Japan! If you’re in dire need of a powerful wall of sound that will blow your mind to pieces, you found the right band!

Contacts: Atrofia Cerebral fb  /  Sedem Minút Strachu bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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