Basic Torture Procedure / Nyctophagia

We didn`t talk too much about goregrind the last few months, I think we need to change it. Here is an interesting split tape with bands from Ohio and Texas. Basic Torture Procedure is a trio, but unfortunately, these guys split up. But they left some nice releases, it will be great if you could check them too. As for Nyctophagia this is mostly a one-man band, Dylan always has cool guest musicians involved in this mess. This is a short info for you. The good thing is that both bands play pretty much different music, which helps to make this split more intense, more varied, and interesting.

Let`s start with BTP side. The music of this band is close to the classical goregrind genre. All songs are nasty, short, and full of primitive aggression. The lead instrument in this story is the guitar, next is pitch-shifted vocals and drums. If it is more or less clear with the guitar and distorted vocals then with the drums is a bit another thing. The guys didn`t use blast beats, they build everything with d-beat. The result is more than tasty and pleasant! I think this helped a lot for this record to get a more old-fashioned atmosphere and sound. It`s shame that this band doesn`t exist anymore.

To be honest, Nyctophagia surprised me with its solid material and sound. This is an awesome mix of death metal, grindcore, and goregrind. Don`t know how, but they managed to put everything together in the right proportions. This noise is damn catchy and furious! D-beat, blast beats… disgusting growl and distorted vocals, low bass and guitar tones… that will smash you down! Song by song this band simply destroying you, grinding you into a powder! This band will differently stay in my player for a while!

Contacts: Basic Torture Procedure bc  / Nyctophagia bc

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