Serpent’s Anus – Jiang Tou

Let`s roll in this stupid week with something different and loud. Beware the second demo of Serpent’s Anus gonna knock you down! You may ask “wtf is that”, well this is a blackened noise project from the Netherland, with members of CSMD & Blood Tyrant. Also, I won`t say that this is a classical noisecore, or something like that. This is complicated work with a lot of layers. As for the tape, everything was made in a good old DIY way. Which is always nice, I love it when bands do all stuff with their own hands. Ah yes, with a cassette I got a small plastic skeleton, maybe it’s silly but I think it`s a lovely bonus.

As I already mentioned, this disgusting cake has a lot of layers… This duo didn`t use only digital noise, there are bass and drums parties, real vocals, and many other things. I fuking love how Serpent’s Anus combines together screams, crying, and white pulsating noise with different electronic and (more or less) melodic samples. This release makes you experience a lot of different emotions, from happiness to pain and hate. Also I honestly can say that this noise is very atmospheric, and again this shit will push you into a different mood. This is truly not the usual stuff, raw, crazy but definitely interesting and worth your time. If you`re looking for not a trivial noise, try this tape!


Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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