Antigama (29.09.22)

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me today. How have you been? How are you doing today?

You know, a lot has been going on lately. You can’t predict anything. You have to get used to it 🙂. I’m fine and looking forward to the interview.

I should note that I like your last album, both songs and cover. Who created this artwork and who came up with an idea of a cover with so an un-standard look?

Thanks. The idea comes from Sebastian Rokicki. We wanted the cover not to be based on the band’s ego. You know, these covers are all very strong and have ideas. WHITEOUT is more of a concept that is not based on a story about something specific. Like music from a library. It is a sound catalog adapted to different emotions. The cover is a painting by Wojtek Szymański, ex-drummer KOBONG, NYIA. Usually, I did the design for the LP Antigama, but now someone from the outside did it.

Are there any funny studio stories to tell? How long did it take for you to complete the material for a new album?

The time of creating the album is a time of pandemic and many problems. The music was created in a duet. Sebastian & Pawulon. They sat and played these riffs to put it together. Then there were meetings with Macio and me. And again there were changes and additions 🙂 We recorded the drums and guitars in Janos Studio as always. Then I took the material and recorded the vocals in my home studio. You know when you scream like that, even in the basement, the children don’t know if nothing has happened. When everything was ready, we went back to the studio and did the mix.

“Whiteout” was spread to the masses by Selfmdegor rec on CDs, cassettes and vinyl. How many copies were pressed from each format and what can you say about the sales so far?

I don’t know the details, it’s too early, maybe at the end of the year we’ll find out something. I know that extra staff was being made. Currently, the circulation of records is not huge, everything is based on digital.

And again about the label, Selfmadegod rec released the biggest part of your discography. What exclusive deal do you have? Or it’s simply comfortable to work with Karol and co, so you don`t need to change the label?

YES it’s definitely convenient for us. We have worldwide distribution and promotional support. Karol also understands the unusual nature of Antigama. We’ve been playing for 21 years and we’ve had a lot of stories and crises. In a way Karol is a bit of a band member 🙂 We had an episode (2LP) from Earache records. Back then it was a big success. However, we could not keep up with the concerts then because we did not have the possibility to play non-stop. We make music out of passion and SMG understands it.

I couldn’t help but notice that you guys aren’t big fans of touring. But a tour is a nice way to promote new records, don`t you agree?

Yes, touring is the best way to promote, sell and great for bands. Currently, there is a problem with small and independent tours unfortunately. Everything is expensive and the costs are sometimes unbearable. Antigama has played many tours in the USA, UK, EUROPE, and Poland. WHITEOUT will be touring in Poland. Maybe it will be 16 concerts in winter and spring. I can’t wait to stand on stage again after 2 years and meet maniacs.

Antigama for years of activity has released a lot of splits and albums. What’s the release that you’re proud of the most that you will show to your grandchildren?))

Fucking hard question haha. Each album has a story from that time. Honestly, I don’t listen to Antigama often. I like individual songs. I like Meteor, although it is a terribly difficult album, then we lost our friend and producer Szymon Czech. I also like the experimental Antigama faces. But I don’t have grandchildren yet and I think I’ll come up with something by then 🙂

What are six songs you would like to hear before you meet your end?

Harder and harder haha everyone replies about their best songs. I like very much Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Tom Waits. I listen to hard music of course, but before the end? 🙂 maybe I would like to discover something new that I have never heard of. That would at least surprise me 🙂

Are you a nostalgic person? What was the emotions that overwhelmed you when you took your first album in your hands?

I am a person with many moods. Recently, more often sad because I see what is happening and it’s not good for our future. But most of the people who know me think I’m happy and even funny. I try to keep my distance from reality. I remember when we picked up our first album from some office. I was excited and impatient. The CDs came from Italy from our first publisher. 2002 was that year. Intellect made us blind … and it works to this day.

Let`s talk about your local scene. Which 5 Polish bands you’ll highlight and why?

There are a lot of bands. There is a strong extreme music scene in Poland. I like both the old and the new. He respects Vader, Decapitated, Behemoth, they play a lot and keep the level. But these are not the bands I listen to. I am also not up to date but a lot is going on. It is difficult to answer such questions, but maybe Terrordome, Impostor, 4672, X…

Lastly, thanks again for agreeing to do this interview, and please use this space for any final words, thoughts, plugs…

When you listen to WHITEOUT you will feel the urge to let go of fear and uncertainty. These are feelings that are useful to your enemies. Antigama will support change. Thanks for the interview, it’s nice to chat and share something.

Contacts: Bandcamp page  /  Facebook page  /  Apple music

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