Golem Of Gore – Tre Anni Di Terrore

Golem Of Gore is (still is) a young goregrind band from Italy. I discovered them back in 2018, starting that day and ending this day, guys recorded a huge amount of stuff. Many splits, some EP, and even 1 full-length. That trio is fucking productive and active. I think that’s why Canadian Sick rec proposed them a deal. And I’m holding the result of their work in my hands right now. Bloody good-looking double digipack with a ton of the songs! Here is what you will find inside… CD 1: “Horrendous Summoning Of Gore-Demo”, splits with Yakisoba / Sebum Excess Production / Putrid Stu / Decomposed Birth + 4way split w/Human Pancake / Yakisoba / Serotonin Leakage. CD 2: EP “Obsessive Murderous Manias”, splits with First Days Of Humanity / Haggus / Pharmacist / Gangrene Discharge / Labia Majora / 4way split w/Redundant Protoplasm / Gore / Pulmonary Fibrosis / 4way Split w/Mulk / Nyctophagia / DJ Balli. Altogether 113 tracks (holy fuck!), pretty sick isn’t it?

In my opinion, the compilation is a good way to give the listeners old and out-of-stock material of the band that is gone (but that is my opinion). Anyway, we have here almost all tracks from the first 3 years of Golem Of Gore’s life. I like that everything is sorted in chronological order, you can easily track the evolution of this band. It`s really interesting to catch all differences in the sound and in technics. But the core of this band is hard like a rock and it didn’t change. This is very heavy low bass, chainsaw guitar (forgot to mention that the early material was recorded without it, just bass), hard-to-swallow blastbeats, and, of course, pitch-shifted vocal. But the boys always managed to create a really nasty and monstrous wall of sound… and that`s why I love this band!
So don’t hesitate, if you`re a real gore freak then this double (trouble) CD is for your ears!

Contacts: Golem Of Gore bc  /  Golem Of Gore fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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