Eraser / Your Kid’s On Fire

Today my player will spin a really bloody split with two wonderful bands! Let me introduce them to you… Eraser is an old-school grindcore project from Italy. YKOF – old-timers from the US, sweet and rotten deathgrind. This stuff is really promising, so let`s play it loud!

Let`s begin this evening with Italian boys Eraser. I remember their previous album, with that noise guys managed to get the attention of many grind freaks. Here we have 3 brand new songs… This material is close enough to their debut album and that is cool. Total old-school grindcore with a strong stench of 90th. Solid stuff, simple riffs and a bit raw but very alive general sound. Some tunes remind me of the mastodons of the genre. Loud guitar, bass and crazy vocal… drums are goofy, but I don’t see a negative in this. I think that many grindcore fans will love Eraser!

The nastiest part of this story belongs to Your Kid’s On Fire. I think I can describe this music as a “pleasant buzzing from the grave”, haha! Nice raw sound, an excellent cheerful atmosphere, and a ton of fun! Few kinds of vocals, heavy guitar tone and moldy farting sound of the drums… fucking the best old-school receipt for good music! Of course, the boys didn’t forget to add some nice samples from old horror/slasher movies… That really helps to create the right mood and atmosphere.

Contacts: Eraser bc  /  YKOF fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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