Triac – Pure Joy – Numb Grief​-​stricken Animals

A new album of Triac became a real surprise for many of us. Finally, this crazy trio released fresh stuff! Must confess that “Pure Joy – Numb Grief​-​stricken Animals” immediately took an honorable place in my top 10 of 2022! So let`s see, this record consists of 16 songs, all of these tracks full of unbelievable aggression and hate… The guys really did wonderful work! It`s not for nothing that the main color of the cover art is red, because red color symbolizes danger!

As I already mention, aggression is the main attribute of this album. The furious pumping energy simply knocks you down! I don`t really want to touch the technical side of this stuff, but… Triac did a huge job with songwriting and recording. For example, the bass sounds very heavy, and it wasn`t lost (cluttered) during the recording.  The guitar has a deadly buzzsaw sound, and that brings more points to this album. I think that vocalist was super pissed-off during the recording, not sure what the hell happened there, but the result is wicked! In the end, I want to make a special note about the drums. That dude is fucking machine! Blast beats are so fast, Jake switch between the drums like a fucking lightning! Hahaha, that is unbelievable work!

I fucking speechless, this record was worth waiting for! Top-notch grind, and we strongly recommend this one for you!

Contacts: Triac bc  /  Triac fb  /  Triac Insta

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