Internal – Primal State

It`s show time! “Primal State” is one of the last releases of Massachusetts powerviolence mechanism Internal! This is only a one-man band, but every release is fuking fire, it`s insane how much hate and anger can generate just one person! As far as I remember, the first press of this EP was very limited and that was a lathe-cut, but my copy is a prover vinyl record and it was released by Here And Now rec. I also love the concept of this band, Intenal always uses a photo of hyenas for their cover arts, and that works really well!

The music of this band is always brutal and it always gives me a lot of emotion and energy. This kind of powerviolence reminds me bands, from the millennium (00th) era but not from the early 90th. The aggression of this material is phenomenal, the same with the violent atmosphere. The sound is very strong, the production is great too, and you can easily catch each instrument, which is super pleasant. I don`t know how, but this dude managed to play all instruments on his own, and record them… that is fucking talent! I think my favorite in all this madness is the crunchy bass tone and pissed-off vocal. The guitar and drums are good too, but these above my favorite.

I extremely recommend this for those who are really into powerviolence and looking for a really good portion of violence and loud sound!

Contacts: Internal bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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