Sedem Minút Strachu / SkullxPiercer

I began this day with a wonderful noise tape (hello my neighbors). A nice small split release with Slovakian trio Sedem Minút Strachu and Slovenian two-man-grind-band SkullxPiercer. It`s a pretty old cassette, it was released somewhere in 2019 by Belgian Sick Phoque rec. When I saw this release for the first time, the cover art led me to believe that this is a goregrind split, but no we have here smelly and loud grind noise!

Sedem Minút Strachu are pushing their caveman noisegrind throughout time and space. Second by second they are killing the last brain cells inside the heads of the listeners with primitive but loud tunes. Crushing bass and fast drums are the weapons in this fight! I`m tracking this band from its beginning and can say that they do not know how to disappoint!

Hmm, I don`t really know how to describe SkullxPiercer for you. This is definitely grindcore, but not old-school like Napalm Death or modern like Grindlink. This is a damn powerful, loud grind mess, that you will love! Ultra-distorted bass is the main in this pack, then vocal and drum machine. Strange thing, but the guitar is cluttered here, but it`s not a negative moment, it helps to make a dense background. Traditionally songs are short (we have 11 tracks btw) and fast, like gunshots. Must say this is a really interesting noise!

Contacts: Sedem Minút Strachu bc / SkullxPiercer bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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