Bodyrot – Fleshworks

Bodyrot became a really pleasant discovery for me! This small band from British Columbia literary smashed me with their debut EP “Fleshworks”. Boys managed to combine the best parts from all kinds of old-school grindcore. And no, nobody paid me for this review, haha! I think the guys chose a pretty gory image for this release. An exhumation of the mummy of an Indian guy… but maybe guys wanted to point us to the problem of the native people in Canada? Don`t really know, but anyway this small cassette is hiding a fucking evil tunes!

Small epic intro, and then guys starting to rip my mind apart! The guitar riffs, heavy crunchy bass… that shit simply slices the flesh from your bones! The sound is awesome, not punky, not metal… just straight grindcore sound. Blastbeats are fast and wicked, but this material doesn’t consist only of blasts, there are a lot of other more regular and swing drum tricks. Worth noting that Bodyrot are using two types of extreme vocal, and that is a very good decision! During the listening, I had a feeling that guys are huge fans of Excruciating Terror, I really caught an influence of that band (but maybe it`s just my imagination?). The whole spirit and energy of this small record are bloody massive, and I don`t really know how many times I have already listened to this EP!

Yes, this is just 4 song EP, but believe me, this noise will drive you crazy!

Contacts: Bodyrot bc Bodyrot  fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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