Days of Desolation – Circles

The waiting is over, finally, Belgian crust-grind warriors Days of Desolation released their second full-length! Must admit this work is fucking monumental, the material is more mature and more complicated (mostly in songwriting moments). Same with the cover art! Jasper has done super-powerful work with a strong dark atmosphere and a ton of small nice details! Small spoiler, you will get a poster if you`ll buy that record, hehe. The vinyl has a pleasant sound too, so the pressing plant didn`t fucked up. But let’s switch to a more detailed analysis of this album.

First of all, I want to highlight the aggression of this album, guys managed to keep this emotion during the recording, I mean it sounds natural, and true, and that is a cool thing. The other part it`s the dark and beautiful melodies that appear here and there. They are making this album very atmospheric and extremely enjoyable! The general sound is wonderful too, you can hear all instruments. Guitar riffs are sharp and fast, sometimes gloomy, sometimes grinding as fuck. Also, I want to say that the guys didn’t forget about their crust roots, you will be hit by a wall of d-beat! Actually, boys found a great balance between grindcore and crust. Yep, I totally forgot about the blasts and the d-beat section… drums on this album sound very nice (they have old-fashion taste), they are not cluttered with other elements, which is important. Days of Desolation done a really good job!

Circles is great, atmospheric and very strong work! And GGGG recommends it!

Contacts: Days of Desolation bc  /  Days of Desolation fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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