Dysmorfic – Movements

Dysmorfic is a legendary band from Italy. They started their way back in 1998 (some of you weren’t born yet)! Won`t say that they were too active the last few years, but this spring guys dropped a new mini-album! “Movements” is a small instrumental work with only 5 songs. It also has a wonderful dark design (everything that we love, right?). All stuff was released in digipack CD format. All noises were recorded by Alessandro Pagliari at Studio Live, Mantova (Italy), mixed and produced by Alessandro Pagliari and Dysmorfic. But enough of empty words, let`s put this CD into our player!

As many of you may remember, Dysmorfic is two piece drum n bass band, and this is their instrumental experiment. Actually, this shit is bloody good! This is absolutely not what you expected to hear, haha! This material is far away from straight blastbeat grindcore or mincecore… Hmm, guys created 5 jazz songs but they added blastbeat as a base! Bass sounds so groovy, same with drums, great work guys! Ah yes, this brutal mess, has a great raw grind sound, I think it was a good decision because the result sounds interesting.

In case you`re overloaded with super loud, blasting grindcore, or metal… you`re looking for something fresh, then this album is for you!

Contacts: Dysmorfic bc  /  Dysmorfic fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels!

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