HCG / Agathocles – Die By The Sword

Hmm, I definitely need to count how many reviews of AG stuff we already did, hehe)) Today’s review is about a split with Brazilian newcomers HCG. Not sure what`s going on here but the guys have done 8 (holy moly) splits with our Belgian friends, “Die By The Sword” is the first one of that pack.

Mince founders attacks with 5 songs. All this stuff was recorded in the studio, so expect good quality songs! Good and cheerful atmosphere, loud sound and tons of nice riffs. That`s if you need a short and fast review of this session.  The track “A For Arrogance” is fucking fire! Personally, I love how this tape sounds, I got a lot of joy during the listening. Long life AG!

Now it`s time for HCG…  I don`t want to be a bad guy, but this music is very amateurish. Everything sounds extremely raw, I think they used a phone to record this material (but maybe I`m wrong). HCG are trying to play old-school thrash metal (the US style)… but the result is cheesy as hell. Maybe the boys are doing it for some purpose, but I didn’t dig this music.

Contacts: HCG bc / Agathocles fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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