Cannibal Ferox – Los Rituales Del Gusano

There wasn`t a lot of news from Cannibal Ferox recently, but last year guys put on the table a new EP. 2 brand new songs, and a cover on Entombed, nice isn’t it? This is a very limited single-sided lathe cut release (everything was made by Tupatutupa rec), only 50 copies were made (I was lucky to get a copy number 18). Yes, this is pretty small but lovely stuff with damn gloomy cover art.

A song”Enajenación a Través de la Nigromancia” is opening this 7″. Must say this is an awesome example of Spanish grindcore, it`s not right, it has some punk and death metal stench, and these elements are making this music more interesting. All songs have a solid portion of aggressive energy and nice sound. The guitar, crunchy bass pissed off growls and of course old-fashioned drums. Cover on death metal gods falls out from the sound concept of “Los Rituales Del Gusano”, I think it was recorded separately. But anyway guys managed to play “Supposed to Rot” really well, with its mood and atmosphere!
This is a great and strong release, unfortunately, it’s short… But I know that guys are working on their first album, so let’s keep our eyes open!

Contacts: Cannibal Ferox bc  /  Cannibal Ferox fb

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