Praise – A Haphazard Stab to the Heart of Neoliberalism

Praise is a young squad from Tampere (Finland), and their debut tape just happened in our mailbox. So let`s see what this band is all about. “A Haphazard Stab to the Heart of Neoliberalism” is a small work, that consists of 6 songs. The front cover of this release has a very weird character, not sure wts if this… it could be a man, it could be… fuck it could be anything, haha! Inside you will find more info and also all lyrics, which were written by hand (lovely touch isn`t it?). I think it`s pretty much all with the visual side…

Our Finnish heroes are focusing on old-school grindcore. As this is a debut work so I won`t be too picky. The sound is messy and raw, I think the guys tried to make an old-fashion sound. The material was really made in compliance with all style requirements, I really feel the influences of old and iconic bands in this music. Riffs, tempos, and even the style of the vocal it`s really a tribute to old times, guys did really good work. The drums have a pleasant farting sound (which I personally love), and the guitar tone is good too. There is one very important thing left. Guys spit this noise out of themselves and made it honestly, you can easily recognize this live atmosphere and aggression, you can`t fake it.
Yes this is not a perfect recording, yes guys have some work to do, but hey, I can honestly say that Praise didn`t fucked up!

Contacts: Praise bandcamp

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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