Disuse / Days of Desolation

For today’s review, I picked up from my shelves a nice 10″ split. This is a story about a work of friendship, a split between Belgian Days of Desolation and Dutch Disuse. The artwork for this release was made by Jasper (Infested Art), and like always he did a great job. I almost feel the gloomy atmosphere of this drawing. A blind, two-head creature that can drain your soul… awesome! I also want to add that the music of both bands is very different, so it will be a maximum interesting and fun time!

First are Disuse from the Netherlands. This band is active for about 5 years, they did not waste time, the guys recorded a lot of stuff and this split is the last their record at this moment. Guys playing loud, uncompromising, and brutal grindcore, without any melodies and soft moments. Their style reminds me of Brazilian grindcore school, but with better sound. From the strongest parts, I will mark the guitar sound and riffs + nice caveman vocal. I don`t want to sound like a douchebag but the bass is very cluttered and all drums sound very dry (maybe it`s because of the triggers), these are the negative moments of this record. Otherwise, this is very good grind stuff!

Days of Desolation are the last, but not the worst. I remember this band very well and must say that they had transformed their dark crust into something more aggressive. This material has more of the grindcore but it still has the crust base. Also, the guys didn`t stop to use awesome dark melodies, which I think are very important in their music. The guitar sounds freaking killing, same with drums, these blast beats are very crusty and tasty. DOD uses a few types of vocals and I think it`s a “winner” approach, it always helps to spice the music. Unfortunately, we have only 5 songs here, this is too little to fully enjoy these vibrations, but after this split guys released a 2d full-length (don`t forget to check it too).

Contact: Disuse bc  /  Days of Desolation bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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