Noise Nihilist / Yacøpsæ

Today I received a super interesting split that was made on 2 inch vinyl (actually lathe-cut but anyway). Maximum weird format, I never hold something like this in my hands, and guess what? You can actually play this tiny stuff, haha! Okay okay, let`s go back to the bands. From one side we have noisy monsters from Poland it`s Noise Nihilist and from another German legends Yacøpsæ! As you may guess this is very small format, so we have only 18-19 seconds of material on each side. Don`t expect too much from this record.

Few messy riffs, good loud screams and additional vocals and the Polish side is over. Not much right? But even with these few seconds Noise Nihilist managed to spank you with a solid portion of hate and energy.

German trio attacked with their brand fast and furious tunes. Couple of notes, blastbeats and even slow and nice moment in the end. This can be compared with a dog bite, unexpected and very painful, ha!

This is the first time when I review something like this, I had a lot of fun! Guys if you will find this release somewhere don`t think too long, buy it!

Contact:  Noise Nihilist bc  / Yacøpsæ fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. You can listen to a whole split HERE!

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