Anal Cunt (14.08.22)

Good day Tim, how are you doing today? Thank you so much for doing this interview.

Thank you. Been a while since I’ve had some time to talk. Last few years have been a complete

Shit Show. Covid. Starting a new band. I’ll get to that later haha

Anal Cunt is a long story with unbelievable twists, could you tell us about the most memorable and main moments in the band’s history?

So many! I swear I’ve had to repress them to keep myself sane. I can remember getting the

Earache contracts in the mail. We all met at Seth’s place to sign them. I was trying to read all the paperwork and Seth yelled at me “Just sign it! It doesn’t matter” haha. I really enjoyed the early years. We would practice six to seven days a week. That’s all we did! Spent all our time making this noise.

Do you still play drums? And also you used to play saxophone, that’s a weird combo, haha, how the hell did that happen, do your musical tastes change with time so you started to make different experiments with different instruments?  

I DO!!! I’ve never stopped. I do have a new band with Fred A.C. second guitar player.We’re called Burt Bacharach. Old school Noisecore Grind. We’re good at it. You can find or music on BandCamp @

 Saxophone is the first instrument I started learning. I also am a huge jazz fan. John Coltrane is my favorite musician.

Can you remember the wildest AC gig that you ever played?

All of them. I mean that! not one gig with that band was ever boring. Always something or someone went wrong causing complete madness. Those early shows always made me happy.

We’d confuse everyone.

Let’s talk about the records, do the labels ask about the re-issues? Because it is hard to find AC stuff on CDs, for a reasonable price. 

Unfortunately I don’t think that will happen in the near future. I’m still working on it.

If you could go back in time and see one band, who would that be?

The John Coltrane Quartet.

Band members theme. What did you like and what did you hate about each other, and what kept you together?

What kept the band together was Seth. It was always his band.

1 – Mike Mahan – I love Mike he can do no wrong
2 – Fred Ordonez – I love Fred he can do no wrong
3 – John Kozik – I love John he can do no wrong
4 – Paulie – I love Paulie he can do no wrong.
5 – Josh Martin – I didn’t enjoy playing with Josh. I tried very hard. It was difficult.

Do you still listen to extreme music? What are your favorite bands right now?


Bands I’m jamming on now are

1 – STERN LOOK. These kids are gonna take over Grind soon. MARK MY WORDS
2 – SAPROGENOUS. Some really violent evil music. Makes Mortician sound like the Spice Girls. I can say that!
3 – GOD’S AMERICA’S new album sick as fuck
5 – HEADGORE – A band from Las Vegas. Amazing noisecore. I Highly recommend them.  Live set’s that scorch the earth.
6 – ZZ SLOP – nutty crazy ass RnR noisecore
7 – COKE NAIL – what more can i say AMAZING
1 – MACKT – A supergroup!!!!! Paul the genius behind the band WADGE shreds the electric six string stick.

The old school grindcore from my youth. I love this music. I’ll never stop listening to it.

Silly but still needed question. Name 5 favorite AC songs and why do you love them?

1 – Radio Hit – Just a fun song to play.
2 – Grateful Dead – So Fucking heavy.
3 – New Hardcore song. I remember writing that song. Such a great time.
4 – Old intro – It was the first song we’d play back in the old days. When the slow part ended and the blast began, shit would hit the fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 – Sister Noella. Last song on Another EP. We never played it right hahaha.

Some time ago you made a collaboration with Francisco and Stevo, you even made a video presentation. So that was like a one-time action, you played just for fun, or do you have a plan to turn it into something real and record something?

Oh I would love to start a band with those two but none of us have any time to do it. What a supergroup. Three of us could make music to crush the galaxy.

AC has a cult status, and it has a lot of fans, I even saw AC tattoos on some freaks. What is your opinion on such people?


I like most of the A.C. fans. People with the Seth worship complex really can be too much to deal with. I have had people asking me for his personal belongings etc. Get over it. Seth was and is my friend. I don’t know this guy you think you know through AC music. That person never existed. It was a stage prop.

And that’s it! Let me shake your hand, Mr.Tim! Would you like to say something to our readers at the end of this interview?) 

Check out my new band Burt Bacharach

We’ve got two splits coming out soon. With Captain 3 Leg & Wadge on Mortville noise records.

Everyone! Do not stop making music and always be good to one another.

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