Deterioration – Transcending Human Confines

The US champions of heavy and buzzsaw grindcore Deterioration is always put on a table top-notch stuff, Transcending Human Confines EP is not exclusion. Besides a solid portion of noise, this release has a wonderful design and a lovely gatefold paper cover (which is not common). Interesting fact – Deterioration is literally a band of brothers. Jim Kahmann is in charge of the guitar stuff, while the drums are done by his brother Joe. These 8 songs are so fucking good, and will play them all right now!

After a short intro (I think it was taken from the “Body bags” movie) guys simply smash the listeners with a huge portion of dance sound and riffs! Songs are bloody fast and heavy, with this low sound this music sounds even more massive! The guitar and bass sound so unbelievable together, that is literary a buzzing tornado! Blast beats sound like a chopper hammer on the weekend morning, they are destroying you from the inside! And finally the vocal section, the brothers are screaming and growling together and doing it really good. I believe this band sounds amazing on the stage, and I hope to see their show one day!

“Transcending Human Confines” is strongly recommended by GGGG.

Contacts: Deterioration fb  /  Deterioration bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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