Pharmacist (02.08.22)

Hi man, hope you’re doing well! First of all what should we need to know about Pharmacist?

– Hello! Pharmacist started in the beginning of 2020, releasing first EP “Forensic Pathology Jurisprudence” in June and debut full-length “Medical Renditions Of Grinding Decomposition” in August. After debut release, there was a chain of splits and EPs, and finally this year new album “Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds” is out now on CD and tape formats available everywhere, and on all digital platforms!

Your second album already rolling on all media platforms. What feedback do you have so far?

I can see even more people supporting it than first album, and I get amazing feedback from them. I am happy they enjoy the album, and happy that some bold ideas I made are working (on the other side, as expected – in some case it has opposite effect). Being artistically free in creating music is a big luxury, the more it feels great when listener is on the same page with you. And especially – when you add some things to the song on purpose, and people “get it”. Of course there can be some confusion on how to label this record – is it really goregrind? is it really death metal? How should I react to it? Is cereal a soup or a salad?

Could you compare “Medical Renditions Of Grinding Decomposition” and “Flourishing Extremities on Unspoiled Mental Grounds” what are the main differences between them?

Most differences are that songs became longer, they have more different influences, guest appearances including tons of solos by Andrew Lee, and better production. Also I tried to give each song more of its own character, even though it is only 7 of them. There is less Carcass and also more Death influence overall, including some progressive parts, and I am happy to see some people meantioning it, it is like a small message to them. Recording side, it also took much longer time to prepare everything, from backbone creation to brush up during mixing. And there are more variations with vocals on title track, rather then usual high/low, which is different from any previous records. So even though you asked only to mention main difference, there are lots of them in almost each direction, haha. For the sound, we made it more warm, fat and murky, so it will cover each song character. I think the only thing that did not change too much is the gain knob on the bass, haha.

Let`s talk about the labels, which labels released a new record, and what labels were the best to work with during all time?

New record is released by Bizarre Leprous Productions in Europe and Sevared Records in US on CD, HHR made a tape version in US and working on LP press for US. Also BLP works on vinyl for as EU version, in collaboration with other labels. There might be some additional news later on with more versions as planning will proceed. All theses labels are great to work, easy communication, being on the same page for many details.

You started this project only 1.5 years ago, but you already have tons of releases? How can you describe such an activity?

It was good timing as I had many material ready in the first half of year, so for splits I had just to choose them into groups which will fit each other. So when first EP was ready, there was already material for full-length and some other songs / drafts, which became the base for songs. Now I have to create each one from the start, which takes more time, but more exciting since you build something completely new to yourself. But even with some material ready, it does take tons of time to shape it and brush up into something comprehensive and complete, so it was one hell of a busy period, haha.
Also I have few other projects being in works, for each of them – full-length is under preparation now, some materials are recorded already.

By the way, what is it about gore that appeals to you? Are you really into horror and pathology, or is the appeal related to something else entirely?

– I think pathological theme is a great addition to extreme music, and works for death metal / goregrind. I have so much interest in it as it goes well with music, as I mainly serve the song, I need to gather elements to deliver something with this song. Also such theme is quite wide range, and has many small branches to choose from. It also gives a mysterious atmosphere, if used correctly. But for other projects – I don’t use gore themes, as long as they have another directions. There are also some social themes, or sci-fi.

It`s not a secret that you are a huge Carcass fan. When did you hear this band first and how did these legends affect your music?

– I heard them first time when I was around 15-16 or so, definitely still in high school. I think at those times, there was no normal internet available, and I heard it on some pirate copies, CDr if I remember correctly. Do you remember those MP3 collection pirate discs selling on all radio markets? haha. But that was first introduction for short songs in the Reek… album, gory lyrics, complex song structure as in Necroticism… etc.
Some elements are now natural approach for me when writing something. But for last years, even though such basic elements are still presented in material, I don’t remember when I listened to Carcass last time.

Japan is a mysterious land for me. Could you tell us a bit about its underground culture (bands, gigs, etc)?

– It has great ground for scene, with many bands, events and labels. Obliteration Records scheduling many events, where new bands can join and share the scene with many veterans. Many young bands are doing great, such as FesterDecay, Invictus, Shinda Saibo No Katamari, etc. I think you have great list of labels on your site, including some from Japan, people can definitely find something interesting in their catalogue!

Pharmacist is a studio project only. But maybe you have some thoughts about getting a few more guys and starting to play live?

I am more than sure that many freaks would love to slam on Pharmacist gig, hehe!
– That would be great to play songs live, but it is very impossible at the moment. Everything – from functional members (including me), to abroad travels, to available time for that – all that is still an issue. Some live studio session would be possible though, for that, if any chance – I would proceed as soon as ready.

So what’s next for this sick project? Are there any new splits ahead?

– Currently I had to stop all new splits simply due to lack of time, and concentrate on full lengths in the future for some period. But it was already a ton of small releases, I think there is no lack in additional material if people want to hear more music, haha.
They can always return to splits cluster period to find out more tunes, and also bonus tracks for debut EP “extended” version. So for next, will probably start to make an album somewhere in the future, I already have some ideas, let’s see how it will come out!

A short time ago you announced a new side project Anatomical Amusements. Please tell us a bit about it.

– Those songs were made and recorded quite a long time ago, at that time it was planned to be the second Crash Syndrom full-length. But with time, as CS got on hiatus, and some stuff still left to be recorded, I decided to change the banner and leave it separately. Actually there is some more small material with same story that is planned to be released later. It does feel right and good, since it is not really that Crash Syndrom and not Pharmacist at all. And also great to see those songs came outside! Now CD is available at Bizarre Leprous Productions and tape from Scum Lord Distro! For lead guitar Chuck from Fecundation did the job, and it is really great. For artwork, Adam Medford from Strange Creature Collages had a great piece that fits perfectly, yet again!
Remained material is still a bit different from this album, which is exciting again to push it out on physical format. So let’s see for next release of it, or any other news.

For most people gore theme is disgusting (even tabu) but what`s attacks you in this dark genre/arts?

– It is hard to tell already, after so many songs made with such theme, it becomes so natural that barely looks like anything “special”. Definitely it complements extreme music and gives a good punch with image. Also even between “gore” theme – there are many ways – is it a murder related, blood related, medical / autopsy, etc.. I tend to like medical stuff only.

Thank you so much for this talk bro, traditionally the last word is yours.

– Thank you for the questions and all who supports band during this run! Definitely new music will be there, and some re-issues are in plan, so keep an eye if you want to get some!

Contacts:  Bandcamp page  /  Facebook page  /  Instagram 

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