Agathocles / Ruidosa Inconformidad

Let`s serve us today with a nice portion of mince/noisecore. Mince from Belgian grandpas Agathocles and noise from trio Chilean Ruidosa Inconformidad. As far as I know, this 7″ split was released by Sick Phoque Records, it`s limited to 200 pieces, and it also was pressed in Jukebox format, so keep in mind that you will need an adapter to play this record. According to the requirements of good manners, we will begin with the oldest guys – AG.

What can I say? Legends never disappoint! We have here a great dose of brand mincecore with nice a bit raw sound. Buzzing, crashing, screaming songs that will drill a deep hole in your mind. Simple and memorable riffs will not leave you indifferent. Guys made a lovely mix of fas cheerful songs with some more noisy and blasting tacks. Your neighbors will love it, I swear, haha!

A side of Chilean amigos has not-so-good sound (because of the sound level), but they make up for it with interesting structures and unexpected twists. I think that most of the songs are pure improvisation… it`s not a simple approach, but the guys made it good. All tracks are short and fast (but it`s usual for such genres). Worth to add that Ruidosa Inconformidad tried to be maximally pissed off during this recording session, so this noise has a really angry taste.

Contacts:  Agathocles fb / Ruidosa Inconformidad bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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