Arrogänt / Visions Of War

When it comes to the crust genre, you usually remember the UK scene. No joke, that country is an alpha mother of many extreme genres, but other countries have succeeded in such genres too. Today I want to spin a good record from Belgium with two cool Belgian bands. And let me start with newcomers Arrogänt.

Arrogänt is a new band, but with serious guys of Travolta, Days of Desolation, Nervous Mothers, Monnier, and Capital Scum. For this session guys prepared 7 crispy songs, all these tracks are full of fantastic live energy and rage. Of course, Arrogänt didn’t make a breakthrough in the genre, but they don’t need to. Guys followed classic approaches, songs are fast and cheerful, and the sound is bloody powerful. Our friends didn`t forget to make the bass tone heavy and put this instrument in the lead position. But I have no right to say that the other instrument suck. Nope, guys found the right balance between buzzing guitar, skull-crushing d-beat, and loud screams. This is simply bloody good work!

Visions Of War are true veterans of the Belgian scene. For many years guys are playing a top-notch crust, and the new material is hot as hell! Guys keep an excellent tempo, and all songs a very dynamic. The bass and guitar sound awesome, I especially love how these additional solos help to make the whole recording better and brighter. Pissed-off vocal and the endless sound of d-beat is here too. Needless to mention that Visions Of War managed to record really atmospheric music, and you should play it loud!

Contacts: Arrogänt bc / Visions Of War bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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