Wounding – Hunted

Today I wanna talk about the young and very promising band Wounding. This is a duo from Finland, and they playing powerviolence. Unfortunately, I have failed to find more info about them, but I know that the guys released their debut tape just a few months ago. The tape was released by the Finnish label Necrolytic Effluence rec. And that`s pretty much all…

Ah yes, I totally forgot to add that guys do not use guitar here, only bass and drums. The material sounds very heavy, brutal and primitive (in a good way). The bass tone is extremely crushing and tastes awesome. Both members of Wounding doing the vocal, and doing it well. The drums are a bit messy, but I still like them. The general recording and final sound are raw, but that is not a negative thing. That not polished results sound more honest, evil and alive. Also, I have an annoying feeling that the guys are fans of Man Is The Bastard, because “Hunted’ reminds me of that band very hard.
And again, a great debut from the Scandinavian country. Check this noise if you love brutal powerviolence!

Contacts: Wounding bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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