Avgrundsljud – Avviker Blues

Norway is well known for its black metal bands but not grindcore. I bet that most of you won`t name even a few grind names. I think we need to fix it and show the world more grindcore bands from that region. Avgrundsljud is a young formation from the capital city – Oslo. Their discography is very tiny, it consists only of this debut EP. BUT with this work guys proved that they know how to make a good noise! So what da hell do we have here and why do I love this work?

The first thing that I want to highlight is the energy of this debut recording. It`s very cheerful and alive… All songs sound awesome and fresh. Of course, this EP has not a perfect production but that is why I like it, because of that this noise sounds more natural. Riffs are simple but cool, same with bass and drums, I think that is the secret of this record. The second thing that I love in Avviker Blues is the vocal. Pissed off, loud and crazy… the vocalist is mixing crowling, growling, and screaming together and it sounds very interesting together with the rest of the instruments. And the last thing, it`s a bright hardcore punk stench in almost all songs, that is an integral ingredient of most grindcore records, and boys didn`t forget to use it.
Strongly recommended shit!

Contacts: Bandcamp  /  Facebook

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