Sangre De Idiotas – Demo ´21

Here is the first acquaintance with a new Slovakian duo Sangre De Idiotas (Blood Of Idiots). The band is new but its band members are well known in noise society. Jan and Richard of Sedem Minut Strachu decided to create a new project, and I must admit that the first demo sounds really good. The guys didn`t use a guitar, they limited themselves only to bass and drums. Actually, that is their favorite formula, and boys know how to deal with it, haha!

This bloody music is not a usual noisecore with improvisations, this time we have here a dope grindnoise with nice riffs and fast structures. Do I need to say that the sound of the bass guitar is downtuned and sounds like thunder?) The drum section is various, Jan used some simple polca-beat, and punk beats, but of course, he didn`t forget about blast beats, hehe. Vocal sounds very angry and loud in the way of SMS.
This noise may sound very primitive, but that`s the point… this is the music from cavemen for cavemen, haha! I think many of you will love these brutal, loud and wild vibrations!

Contacts: Sangre De Idiotas bc

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