Impugned / Irradiated / Scumeater / Meatus

State of World Deception is an interesting split, it`s rare to see representatives from all 3 parts of the American continents. We have here Impugned from Argentina, Irradiated from the USA, Scumeater from Polans and Meatus from Canada, a nice bunch isn`t it?

Let`s start with Impugned. Actually, this is a very new band for me, and I was pleasantly surprised. Guys have nice old-school material with not the worst production. Growling vocal especially sounds good with a rhythm section. I found only one a bit negative moment in this session, it`s a guitar tone, it sounds dry… but this is still a solid debut.

Irradiated side is messier, but has more life energy in it. Guys managed to mix punk with classic grindcore really well, and the result is freaking good. Fast, aggressive, dirty, and absolutely wild. I think that all songs were recorded in someone’s garage, that`s why this material sounds not perfect and a bit goofy. BUT must say that`s why I love Irradiated side.

Flip over the tape and we have here 7 brutal songs from Polish Scumeater. What can I say, this band has a traditional/brand style as for this land. Dense sound with death metal taste, good blastbeats, and deep low vocal. Riffs are simple but cheerful. The guys followed all the norms of the genre and made really good stuff.

And finally the last, but not the worst Meatus! I listen to this band from its very first demo tape, and I noticed that with time this mincegore madness turned into something super disgusting. This music is like an alive pile of rotten slime that is going to eat you, haha! The sound of these tracks is absolutely dirty, but it works and brings so much fun! The guitar and bass downturned to the max, and ugly pitch-shifted vocal spices the whole dish!

Contacts: Impugned bc / Irradiated bc / Scumeater bc / Meatus bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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