Beggin for Oxys – Dignified and Composed

I bet that this band is new to many of you, that’s why I`ll start with some useful info. Beggin for Oxys is a 2-piece powerviolence/noisecore band from Toronto, Canada. Guys started 7 years ago and during that period they have released an impressive amount of stuff. Today I will listen to a release from the past, the EP called “Dignified and Composed”.

An intriguing intro that falls off the noiseviolence concept rapidly, transforms into furious and loud songs. This recording is raw, with not perfect sound and production, but that is not important at all. The energy and aggression of this stuff are incredible! I had so much fun during the listening, his noise is fucking fire! The guitar, vocal, and even drums sound so pissed off, which is the strongest point of this EP.
I can`t that this is new or unique music, but this noise can help you to defeat your anxiety and depression and transmit them to your neighbors, haha!

Contacts: Beggin for Oxys bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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