Trappist / Hetze

This small 7″ release will rip off your head with its energy. Despite the fact that this record was released a year ago, I still listen to it at least one or two times a week. Trappist / Hetze split is a good way to cheer up yourself and charge with a solid portion of energy. So today I`m proposing you to joining me and listen to this lovely split together!

First on the line is Trappist. This is an LA all-star band featuring members of Killed in Action, Crom, Despise You & Spazz (impressive isn`t it?). The US side is made up of 4 rapid-fire tracks. Guys managed to create traditional hardcore punk but with a drop of modern sound. The guitar work is great, the riffs are simple but very memorable, same with the bass. Drums are made in old ways, without any triggers and other bullshit (and that is the best). The vocal sounds loud and very pissed off, but it should sound like that, haha! In the end, I want to assure you that these tunes can knock out anyone’s teeth!

Belgian Hetze attacks the listeners with a decent dose of fastcore/hardcore. To be honest this is the most brutal material of this band so far. Good songwriting and general sound, but the most important part of this record is its energy. Hetze is producing unlimited aggression, these songs are simply full of hate. Singer makes her best, that style reminds me of iconic Wendy O. Williams. The bass is a bit clutterd, but that is usual and tipical, drums are lound and good, espesially old fasion farting sound of the bass drum, haha! This very promising band, I recommend you to follow it and check their previous stuff!

Contacts: Trappist fb / Hetze bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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