Jack – Lobotómia

Hungarian grind legends (important to mention that they have started in 1996) finally released a new album! “Lobotómia” is a very hard and aggressive message to the world. In their lyrics Jack touch on many social topics, and problems. Of course, you may say that it`s very typical for the genre, but we all living in this shit, so put up with it. With a closer look, the cover art of this record shows us the most destructive feature of mankind’s impersonality and manipulation of the masses. Scary and sad, but this is still a huge problem in 2022. So let`s give a listen to this album, and let`s figure out what “Lobotomia” is all about.

To be honest, I listened to this album 5 times in a row, to get and catch all details. Let`s start with the sound. This work has a really nice production, the general sound is heavy and massive, and you can clearly hear all instruments. Jack mixes together punk/death metal riffs with grindcore structures, and they do that really well! The songs don’t waste any time smashing the listener with riff after riff. There are some primitive grooves that come through the downtuned guitars and bass, which remind me of some old works of Napalm Death. Also, I want to mention an awesome old fashion vocal, which fits this LP so perfectly. Drums are badass too, I especially love the sound of cymbals, it is not cluttered with other instruments, and you finally can taste all sustain. Ah yes, expect a good live bonus at the end of this record!

Contacts: Jack bcJack fb

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